• Speaker Scott Hill gives an emotional and well-received presentation about the Virginia Tech shooting response.

    Voices of Experience Conference Series

    The Voices of Experience Conference series encourages senior leadership to learn about managing institutions and making policy decisions before, during and after a crisis.  Attendees can look forward to an interactive conference spent with colleagues in hospital management and disaster response from around the region.  Because an effective disaster response requires strong collaboration between institutions, this conference will provide numerous opportunities for networks and provide information on how hospitals can partner with other stakeholders.

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    Below is Jane Metzger’s talk, “Managing the Unthinkable,” where she describes the emergency response of the fatal fire at The Station, a popular live music club in Rhode Island.


“Human stories were so powerful. Speakers were wonderful -- it is rare to attend a conference where all speakers are amazing. You achieved this today!”

“The ‘real life’ experiences of senior leadership were poignant, meaningful and inspiring. This conference was so much better because the lessons learned were based on experience rather than solely theory. Thank you to the speakers for their courage and candor in sharing.”

“The entire conference was interesting -- held my interest -- offered valuable experiences and information. Excellent.”

“This is the best conference I have attended in a long time.”

“The closeness of the speakers to the disasters ‘real experiences’ are absolutely priceless.”

“Fantastic presentations, format, timing, food, networking opportunity, everything was perfect!”